Are You Hanging Out Where Your Clients and Customers Are?

When you start up a business and as you grow it, developing relationships, gaining introductions and connections is key, particularly where you are business to business or business to government.

There are so many events that you could go to where you’ll decide what might be right for you and one of the questions to ask yourself is, will current or potential clients and customers be going along?

One way to think about which networks to get involved in is to consider who is the decision maker to engage your services, buy your products or experiences.

If you are running coaching and mentoring, education and training (accredited and non-accredited), webinars and workshops for businesses, employers and industry then often the key people are Human Resource Managers, Training Managers, People Managers and CEO’s.  Sometimes they can be partner of those people such as recruiters and employment service providers or professional associations and peak bodies.

An answer to the question, where are these types of people hanging out will vary but here is a list of possible starting points for you plus suggest you join the SA Development Professionals Meetup.

This new Meetup is about sharing knowledge and practice, networking and building relationships, across all aspects of development in various settings including businesses, employers, industry sectors, institutions, regions, schools, Universities, VET (Vocational Education and Training) providers, and workplaces.

Connecting professionals, practitioners and leaders in education (all levels, accredited and non-accredited) and training; employment and human resources; international capacity and capability development; learning and people; workforce planning and development.

Exploring facilitation techniques, learning design and methodologies, mega trends, new discovery technologies (#AI #AR #elearning #EdTech #HRTech #machinelearning #VR), product development and micro credentials, program and project design.




Human Resources Management @ Work:

The Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association Australia & New Zealand (RCSA):


National HR Summit:


A Job Needed – A Job Posted:

Adelaide Job Search, HR & Training:

Adelaide Recruiters:

AHRI Emerging HR Professionals Network SA:

Ai Group For HR professionals:

Corporate Recruiters. #1 Group for Corporate Recruiters:

HR Leadership Network:

HR Professionals | Powered by HRCI and HRPA:

Learning & Development Professionals Adelaide, South Australia:

The Recruitment Network:

Meetup Groups around Australia

Dynamic HR – The People and Culture Collective (Sydney):

HR Analytics Meetup Group Melbourne (Australia):

Melbourne HR Tech Meetup Group:

Melbourne Recruitment Meetup:

Perth Recruitment Meetup:

Reinventing Work: Adelaide:

Sydney HR & People Analytics:

Sydney Recruiters Meetup:

Sydney Recruitment Meetup:

If you have a relevant association, event, group or Meetup to add then please get in touch via, thank you.

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