How do you Get Stuff Done in your Business?

Running your own business can be challenging as there\’s always so much to do. Taking care of your clients always comes first but finding time to accomplish all of the other things you need to do to build your business is a real challenge.

So, first and foremost, make a plan and add a timeline so you can see what needs to be done when. Remember, there are only so many hours in a day and you want to make the most of them.

Of course, when you have a decent plan, everything runs more smoothly, but life has a habit of getting in the way. Weeks fly by, and you\’re no closer to launching your new course or updating your website. You can tend to be overwhelmed when you always feel behind, and your to-do list keeps expanding, making it harder to relax and switch off.

But don’t worry – it is possible to get things done with a little thought and planning.

So, if you’re having trouble completing your tasks, here a few tips that will help you progress in your business:

1. Organise and plan your day

Planning does not include keeping track of every second you are awake, instead, when planning your day, stick to a few guidelines.

Do the difficult tasks first – those that need additional mental energy, brain strength, and focus.
Set short deadlines, such as writing 1000 words in an hour or completing a proposal in two hours. Even if the task takes longer than allocated, you will accomplish more than you would without a deadline.

2. Make notes in your calendar or task management tool

What role does marketing play in your company. It\’s critical for many of us People would be unaware of your existence if it were not for it. It\’s crucial to take marketing and product or service development seriously so as a result, make those activities a priority by scheduling them in.

Determine how much time you want to devote to marketing and business development each week and set it out on your schedule. Consider the amount of time you want to devote to each task and schedule it into your calendar.

3. Convert projects into tasks

Take a look at your to-do list and see what you have on your plate. Is it possible to complete everything on your list in one sitting? If this isn\’t the case, you\’ll need to break things down.

When you break down a project into a series of manageable tasks, you enhance your chances of making progress right away. \’Creating a website,\’ is a daunting task as it appears to be a large project that will take a long time to complete.

‘Draft home page’?, suddenly feels doable – that\’s something you could do in a matter of minutes.
Breaking projects down into tasks is one of the first things you should be doing because the impact is huge and instant. Before you realise it, you will be ticking off things and feeling like you’re getting somewhere.

4. Reward yourself

We are generally motivated by incentives and if you don\’t get rewarded, you\’ll lose motivation and want to give up as soon as you run into a challenge. So, if there is something you are interested in or you enjoy (like a massage), treat yourself to it once you\’ve completed your tasks.

5. Track Your progress

Not with complicated spreadsheets and formulas. Keep it simple by dividing your daily planner into two sections: what you did well and what you wish to improve. List a few things in each of these categories and keep track of where you may fall short.

6. Build habits

Each of the tips mentioned above must become a habit otherwise, you will find yourself giving up. To create a habit, force yourself to do something for 30 days in a row. When you face a challenge, push yourself to overcome it.

From planning and tracking your progress to rewarding yourself, there are many ways to get stuff done in your business. Implement these tips right away to increase your productivity, consider what to outsource and surprise yourself with what you are able to achieve.

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