Spring is a particularly opportune time to start a business in Australia

I don’t know about you, but we find that spring can influence your outlook and decision-making as a business owner and someone with lots of ideas.  A more optimistic mindset, renewed energy, fresh ideas and innovative thinking, increased productivity, and a focus on getting stuff done as seems to be part of how spring can make you think and feel.

And there are some very practical reasons as to why you might start a business at this time in Australia with end of financial year preparations.  The end of the financial year in Australia is on June 30.  Starting a business in spring (September to November) provides ample time to prepare for this important date, ensuring all financial and tax obligations are in order.

Spring in Australia is synonymous with rejuvenation and renewed energy, which can translate to consumers being more active, enthusiastic, and willing to explore new products, services, and experiences.

Depending on where you live and in South Australia, the mild spring weather can be conducive to many outdoor-based businesses, such as landscaping, gardening, outdoor events, festivals, and tourism-related ventures.

New concepts or products seem to fly into your mind, sparked by gaps or problems you might see, people you talk too, things you observe.

Not one to put the Christmas tree up too early but starting a business at this time allows you to prepare for the peak holiday season, which includes Christmas and the summer holidays in December and January.  This is especially crucial for retail, hospitality, cleaning and home maintenance, virtual assistant and tourism businesses that experience a surge during these months.

A plethora of events and festivals, such as the Melbourne Cup in Victoria and various food and wine festivals around the state, as well as markets means that you can often test out products, services, and experiences relatively inexpensively.

Then there are specific sectors such as agriculture and horticulture, food and wine, real estate, home renovations and property, sport, recreation, fitness, health, and wellness that can see a boost with a fresh start mentality.

From a labour market point of view, you might be able to tap into students on break or travelling, grey nomads, and backpackers.

Many people wait for the new calendar year to launch new projects or businesses, so starting in spring might give you a competitive head start, and time to get established financially and operationally.

If you’d like help to start your new business, to gain momentum, networks, and support, please reach out to the experienced Sea to Valley Startups team, and/or book in for an initial 15 minute chat to see what free services might best suit you, thank you.

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