Founders in the Forest: A Transformative Gathering for Entrepreneurial Minds

Aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike understand the power of connections and continuous learning in driving business success. That's why events dedicated to fostering meaningful relationships and acquiring new knowledge are invaluable resources on the entrepreneurial journey.

“Founders in the Forest” was one such meticulously crafted event hosted by Sea to Valley Startups, Switch Start Scale and Workforce BluePrint, that offered founders a unique chance to connect with peers, gain invaluable insights, and cultivate new business relationships. The event proved to be an engaging experience that brought together entrepreneurs, founders and local businesses in a beautiful natural setting.

Set amidst the picturesque Bundaleer Forest at Maple and Pine in South Australia, "Founders in the Forest" spanned over two exhilarating days, where attendees were invited to immerse themselves in a myriad of activities specially curated to help them find solace, foster productivity, and establish a profound connection with each other. The remarkable event was packed with thought-provoking talks, engaging sessions, and valuable networking moments, all meticulously tailored to empower founders to think bigger and facilitate meaningful connections.

One LinkedIn post shared by a participant captured the sentiment of many, stating, "Founders in the Forest was an absolute game-changer! The carefully curated lineup of speakers and the thought-provoking workshops left me with a renewed sense of purpose and an abundance of new connections. Truly grateful for this opportunity."

Throughout the event, participants had the privilege of hearing from accomplished speakers who had embarked on the challenging innovation journey and emerged triumphant on the other side.

The program on Day 1 began with sessions on “Big crazy business ideas” by Ray Borda, “How AI will impact your business even if you don't use it” by Dante St James and “Inspiring Women” by Helen Smith and Nan Berrett. Followed by a quality lunch break, Cassie Day gave the next session on “How to grow your business beyond you into a team by serving your clients well”. As part of the afternoon agenda, people were able to take part in the “Choose Your Big Adventure” session that included Jane Cursaro’s “Art Therapy - Heart through Art”, Nikki Voxx’s “Audio and Podcasting”, Gary Jaiswal’s “Getting your classes online - Edulyte”, “Growing your side hustle as a full-time employee” by Jeremy Carn and “FOCUS for Business: More than a mindset” by Toni Everard. These exceptional individuals generously shared their personal experiences, invaluable insights, and hard-earned lessons, serving as a wellspring of inspiration.

The second day was also packed with amazing sessions focused on crucial topics such as “What gets you out of bed every day?” by Steph Schmidt, “Managing your identities and finding the confidence to put yourself out there” by Jeremy Carn, “Telling your business story through your branding, marketing, and having referrers/supporters” by Milly Albers and Remco Albers, “The AI tools that will help you get stuff done (with demos, links and play-along)” by Dante St James, “Personal Branding” by Wendy Perry, “Pitching” and “Client Success” by Scott Perry.

Founders in the Forest fostered a dynamic environment that nurtured knowledge exchange, the birth of ideas, and the cultivation of valuable connections, plus an original song! Acting as a platform for collaboration, learning, and inspiration, the event encouraged founders to elevate their businesses to unprecedented heights. Participants departed with a rejuvenated sense of motivation, armed with practical strategies and a supportive network of individuals to lean on.

The comments section of social media posts buzzed with enthusiastic conversations and further insights. Attendees engaged in meaningful discussions, exchanged ideas, and even made plans to collaborate on future projects. These interactions exemplified the spirit of camaraderie and support that permeated the event.  It left a lasting impression on attendees, from the captivating keynote speeches to the interactive workshops and the invaluable networking opportunities.

Another participant shared “Leaving Founders in the Forest, I felt an undeniable transformation within myself. The event served as a catalyst, reigniting my passion, and reaffirming my commitment to pursuing innovative ideas. The insights gained, the connections formed, and the renewed sense of purpose will continue to guide me on my entrepreneurial path.”

All in all, Founders in the Forest stands as a remarkable testament to the power of uniting talented and ambitious entrepreneurs within a serene and natural setting. Undoubtedly, it will persist as a vital catalyst for growth, innovation, and entrepreneurial triumph in the years to come.

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