Regional Innovation Reverse Pitch Night & Networking

Sea to Valley Startups organised the “Regional Innovation Reverse Pitch Night & Networking Event” on the 29th of May 2023 to bring together diverse stakeholders, fostering collaboration, and igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship. By flipping the traditional pitch night format and focusing on challenges presented by established organisations, the event provided a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators to showcase their problem-solving skills. This emphasis on collaboration and problem-solving was vital as it fuelled creativity, propelled innovation, and paved the way for transformative solutions that address the specific needs of regional communities.

The event featured a diverse lineup of speakers who took the stage to present their respective challenges, needs, and collaboration opportunities. Among the notable speakers were  Peter Ackland and Kathryn Johnson from PORT PIRIE REGIONAL COUNCIL, who discussed the prospects of greening initiatives, remarkable infrastructure projects, and enticing business opportunities. Adding a touch of humour, Dante St James shared why he humorously dissuaded visitors from going to Darwin. Jeremy Carn highlighted how AusIndustry can support business growth, while Mel Kitschke shared an inspiring story about Maple and Pine #Jamestown and the grant-supported development of the #BundaleerForest venue. Cassie Fuller from Gleeson Collective #clare showcased exceptional local businesses, including her newly established #coworking space.

Additionally, Kat Milner shed light on her approach and platform for supporting #startups & #smes, and Daniel K. and Ben Haren from the adaptability movement passionately discussed the drawbacks of relying solely on resilience. Justine Reynolds from Woodleigh Hills also presented her pain rubs and products, which generated sales during the event. Following that, Cat Bird shared exciting details about Rock & Wood, an upcoming venue for events, festivals, and weddings near Kapunda. The event also welcomed Andy Eden, a talented designer of beautiful furniture and spaces, as well as Jane Cursaro, who shared insights on engaging in art therapy for gaining new perspectives.  Wendy Perry urged the audience to provide referrals to Sea to Valley Startups, and encouraged everyone to meet new people, adding further value to the event.

A Facebook post captured the essence of the networking experience, with an attendee sharing their excitement, “What an incredible networking event! The conversations I had tonight were eye-opening and filled with possibilities. Connecting with like-minded individuals in the regional innovation ecosystem has sparked new ideas and potential partnerships. Thank you to the organizers for this opportunity!”

Comments on social media posts further emphasised the value of the event in fostering collaboration and opening doors to new opportunities. On LinkedIn post, attendees shared their enthusiasm, discussing potential partnerships and expressing their eagerness to explore synergies with presenters. These conversations exemplified the power of networking events in igniting collaboration and propelling regional innovation.

Another participant shared “Attending the Regional Innovation Reverse Pitch Night was an enriching experience that broadened my perspective and highlighted the importance of collaboration in driving innovation. The event not only allowed me to gain insights into the needs and challenges of potential partners but also provided a platform to establish meaningful connections within the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

By bringing together talented individuals and their groundbreaking ideas, the event propelled the future of entrepreneurial development in this region, people made new friends, and let’s look forward to more events like this one!

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