Opportunities in the Care Sector for Practitioners, Sole Traders & Startups

Are you aware that there is increasing demand, now and into the future, for human resources and providers in the care sector?

And you might not know about, or have the networks into sectors such as aged care, community services, disability and health, so maybe these opportunities are going untapped. Plus it can be difficult to know what the market needs or consumers want to purchase, what the expectations are and quality assurance considerations.

As a practitioner or contractor, sole trader or startup business, you’ll have the chance to hone in on how to focus and offer your services, for clients directly and/or in partnership with others.

Around 100 people joined an informative event to hear about the possibilities with speakers including:

  • Michelle Brunton, Regional Coordinator | Eastern SA – Mount Gambier, Boosting the Local Care Workforce Program (BLCWP)
  • Karen Pearson – Pearson Allied Health Services, Managing Director
  • Sam Boag – I Can Jump Puddle, Managing Director
  • Wendy Perry from Switch Start Scale

The event was cohosted by Michelle Brunton from Boosting the Local Care Workforce Program and Wendy Perry, Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Switch Start Scale and if you need help getting your idea or business off the ground then please book in for a free session here.

Michelle has put together Overview of Workforce and Client demand in the Social Assistance Sector Final and you can reach out to her via:

Phone: 0400 977 550 | Email: michelle.brunton@blcwprogram.com.au

Website: blcw.dss.gov.au 

Entrepreneurship Facilitators are funded by the Australian Government with the initiative managed by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

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