Western Business Leaders and Economic Development Support by Councils

Across the broader Adelaide metropolitan region, and especially in the Western suburbs there is much support for local businesses, startups and scaleups.

Networking is key to how business is done, with referrals and recommendations to local experience, products and services.  And when councils get behind small and medium enterprises then the impact on promotion, marketing and sales can be multiplied.

If you haven’t yet come across the Western Business Leaders, even if you are outside of the councils of the City of Charles Sturt, City of Holdfast Bay, City of Port Adelaide Enfield, City of West Torrens, you are encouraged to look at joining (which is free).

There are many events for business, with community centres and libraries also running various workshops, and this dovetails with workshops and mentoring provided by Adelaide Business Hub, plus events and training hosted by Switch Start Scale.

With a Business Facebook page, the City of Charles Sturt regular promotes new local businesses, courses and opportunities, and the monthly enews always has lots of excellent information including grants and support.

Adelaide Food Fringe is coming up in May 2021 so if you are a food or beverage business then you are encouraged to look into registering, and there is International Pub Week to promote special events and stories.

A recent Western Adelaide Tourism Networking Function at The Moseley Beach Club, saw Brent Hill from the South Australian Tourism Commission share plans for 2021 with more rounds of vouchers including hosted and guided experiences, accommodation and airfare sales.

And the Western councils are not alone in facilitating economic development.

City of Onkaparinga, where the home office is located, has a very supportive Mayor and economic development team running the ON Business Program where you can list your business on the directory, apply for awards and access the Southern Business Mentoring Program.

The Go South Go Local campaign has become a really successful # and social media campaign with thousands of people sharing posts and pics.  Come along to the Beachside Food and Wine Festival on Saturday 27 March 2021 at Rotary Park and the Esplanade at Christies Beach and show your support for local businesses.

If you’d like to book in for a free 1 on 1 coaching/mentoring session at Meeting Place MV there are spots available on Friday 23 April 2021 and to book in please email wendy@switchstartscale.com.au.

Growing up in the City of Marion and seeing the region develop, the economic development team provide options for coworking at the Cove Business Hub, and they work alongside the Hallett Cove Business Association and Southern Business Connections.  Suggest you subscribe to the City of Marion – Open for Business Newsletter and check out events such as the Local Digital Expo on Friday 19 March 2021.

With Northern Adelaide booming, colleagues at the Polaris Business and Innovation Centre, City of Salisbury, provide business advice and programmes to help you start and grow a business, as well as digital skills, events and workshops.

Most importantly, get to know the practitioners within your local council’s economic development team, as well as other councils, where they know what you are working on and keep that communication open as your business develops.

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